December 28, 2010

Spotlight on (my darling cat) Stella

Hi sweet dears, before launching into the main subject of today’s post, let me begin by saying happy midst of the holiday season to each of you! I hope that you’re all doing beautifully and that this festive time of the year is going marvellously for you (tell me, did any of you receive any delightful vintage related Christmas gifts?). Thank you very much to those who left holiday well wishes for me on last Friday’s post, as well as to those thoughtful souls who sent emails and Christmas ecards my way. I appreciate all of your kind, fabulously festive cheer very much!

Now, I’m the first to admit that this afternoon’s little post doesn’t have very much to with vintage, yet as this blog is a gateway for my thoughts and a means by which to record of some of what transpires in my daily life, I simply had to share the following with you.

Recently I was contacted on Flickr by a lovely gal who asked if I’d be interested in sharing the story of my rescue cat, Stella, with the readers of her cat-centered website (Love Meow), which has a real emphasis on highlighting the importance of rescuing cats and telling the (fluffy) tales of those who have founding loving homes. I’m not sure how she chanced upon my Flickr stream (perhaps she saw one of my snaps of Stella in a Flickr group or discovered my photos via a keyword tag search), but I was absolutely thrilled that she wanted to chronicle Stella’s life (and several photos of her) with her audience.

{Stella, seen here in one my Flickr photos of her, is the queen of cuteness at our house. She almost always keeps me company when I write posts for Chronically Vintage (she loves to curl up on my lap and try to benefit from the heat that my laptop gives off), and never ceases to make my day better.}

Stella came into mine and my husband’s life in November 2008, and has been one the brightest spots in my life and a constant source of friendship, inspiration, and happiness for me ever since. This point coupled with the chronicle of how Stella became a part of our world comprises the bulk of that I discussed in the story about her that was featured on Love Meow.

I’m honoured that I was given the opportunity to speak for Stella, and that she got to take center stage in a post on such a great kitty centered site. Getting the chance to do so has definitely been one of the highlights of the end of 2010 for me!


  1. This is a beautiful cat!

  2. she is so cute!!! I love hearing animals stories with happy endings :-)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I bought a home and acquired a yellow tabby. She was almost feral and loves me so much.
    You have a lovely cat.

  4. omigosh she is just too cute! I love cats!

  5. Such a beautiful kitty! She look much cleaner than my litte cat, he recently has found a mouse nest and has been after the little mice ever since :(
    Hope you had a lovely christmas Jessica :)
    And yes I did recieve something vintage related for christmas...a gold chainmesh purse from my bf's mother. She remembered that I had commented on hers, so hunted one down for me :)


  6. Awww. She's a cutie. There's nothing like a furry friend!

  7. Awww, what a cutie! We have 4 cats of our own plus a dog, all rescues. 3 of our cats were literally rescued as they were born underneath my dad's shed, and we couldn't find any sign of the (stray) mama cat. We saw them poking their little 2-week old heads out of the hole dug underneath the shed and coaxed them out with food, then took them to the vet to be checked out. They were crawling with fleas and had worms but they were at that point too young to be able to treat with medicine so we very carefully bathed them with flea shampoo. They were so small we had to bottle feed them for about a week, then they progressed to canned food which took them forever to figure out how to was hilarious to watch! They're now 7 years old and we love them dearly.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas!