December 13, 2010

Announcing the Vintage Twee Christmas ornament set winner!

My-oh-my! It’s a burr-inducing -15°C here in snow drenched Toronto this morning, and let me tell you, if that doesn’t put the spirit of winter into one’s heart, I don’t know what does! On this Christmas card-esque Monday, I had the fun task of selecting a randomly generated winner of the utterly beautiful vintage Twee ornament set draw that has been running here on Chronically Vintage since December 1st.

This terrific contest brought in over 40 comments, saw a flurry of Twitter activity, and I hope helped introduce many of you to the charming handmade, vintage inspired goods that this wonderful UK based line produces.

Without further ado, the lucky winner of this great giveaway was....comment number seven! Huge congrats to the winner, who just happens to be a lovely, highly talented gal named Rosy, whose blog (Sewingadicta) is a joyful place of sewing and vintage goodness (and inspiration) that any old school or craft lover should definitely swing by and check out.

{Here is a snapshot of today’s winner sporting an absolutely beautiful vintage look that she sewed herself (don’t you just adore the classic, elegant pairing of white, red and black?!), from one of her recent blog posts. Happiest congratulations on being the Vintage Twee giveaway winner, Rosy!} 

Many thanks to Alena from Vintage Twee for partnering with Chronically Vintage for this wonderful giveaway; it’s been a sincere pleasure getting to know you and your stellar line of handcrafts!

Thank you as well to everyone who took part in this giveaway! I had a marvellous time reading about the Christmas memories and traditions you shared with me, and very much appreciate your involvement in this Christmas contest. Many congrats again to Rosy, I hope that these gorgeous ornaments help to make your holiday season extra merry and bright! :)


  1. Oh! I opened the mail this morning and I could not believe what I was seeing, was lucky to win these wonderful Christmas Ornaments! I want to thank you wholeheartedly, Jessica and Alena, of course. You've given a breath of Christmas to me, you are sure that the Christmas decorations will go to a home where they will be received with love and have a place of honor in decorating my home. Thanks.

  2. Hello Jessica!

    Thanks for introducing us to Rosy's wonderful blog. I've been tiptoeing through her posts for the past half hour!

    I do hope all is well! Things are busy on this side of the screen.

    Happy Christmas!!