May 7, 2010

Vintage Fashionista Friday – May 7, 2010

{Few designers are able to blend feminine style with cute details quite as seamlessly as Lulu Guinness, and this wildly fantastic see-through birdcage umbrella is no exception to her wonderful work. Fashioned from waterproof PVC, this massively sweet umbrella is intentionally long enough to fit down around the wearer’s head and upper shoulders, thus helping to keep you even drier. More darling than the day is long, this adorable, Victorian birdcage umbrella is the sort of piece that makes me swoon! If you’d love to go singing in the rain with the cutest umbrella on the block, you can pick one up directly from Lulu Guinness for £28.00 UK.}

{Shiny black satin and elegant cream lace merge in this lovely piece, which features a rosette perched atop a two inch wide headband. Neutral hues impart a lot of versatility into this pretty hair accessory, which would look just as lovely with a cream twin set as it would a black cocktail dress. “Sweet Clair” headband, $17.00 US from etsy seller FunnyPeopleCo.}

{Shiny brass gleams cheerfully in this whimsical cut-out necklace featuring a cute little girl and her umbrella, under which a ghost is also harbouring sanctuary from the rain. Dangling from a 30 inch chain, this beautiful silhouette charm measures 2” x 3”, and is absolutely fitting for the stormy spring weather many of us are encountering at the moment. “Under My Umbrella” brass charm and chain necklace, $49.99 US from ModCloth.}

{A feminine cut and strategically placed ruffles lend this phenomenally beautiful beige raincoat an antique meets vintage charm that puts it at home in any era. Whether worn as a coat or as a dress, this waterproof topper from famed Japanese brand Victorian Maiden, is stunningly pretty (and would look especially sublime over fuller skirts and dresses). Available directly from Victorian Maiden (whose site is entirely in Japanese – though Google Translate can help make navigating a bit easier for those who do not know the language – such as yours truly), this beautiful, Lolita style raincoat is available in three colours (raisin, black, and as shown above, almond) at a price of ¥22,470 (Japanese yen, which equates to roughly $245.00 based of today’s currency exchange rate).}

{Add a much needed dose of golden shimmer to even the greyest of days with this fiercely sparkly vinyl purse. Featuring a kiss lock clasp, bullet feet (always handy when putting your bag down on a damp surface), and roomy shoulder straps, this bright-as-the-sun, vintage inspired handbag is so jubilantly fun! “Starlite” gold sparkle purse (also available in black, pink, and red versions), $70.00 US from Lu De Ville.}

{Playful jet black swirls waltz around as if blown by the wind on a pair of “ultra pale” thigh-high stockings, looking very much like a tattoo that’s part of their wearer’s skin. I discovered the manufactures of these stockings last autumn and have been wanting to mention them ever since, as they produce an array of fanatically fun socks, stockings, and nylons with sometimes edgy, sometimes adorable, always memorable black “ink” designs (think peacock feathers, Twitter birds, butterflies, and octopuses), any pair of which I would jump for joy to own. “Flora Tattoo” stockings, $18.00 per pair (which are available in various ladies sizes, check listings for different sizes), from etsy seller Tattoo Socks.}

{At first glance these delightfully pretty heels look like a classic pair of two-tone pumps, but they are in fact, far from average, because these Däv brand heels are waterproof! Amazing, I know! These heels are quite possibly the most stylish pair of rain shoes I’ve ever seen – and knowing that they would look amazing with a slew of vintage outfits, while keeping one's feet dry in the process, makes me love them even more. Available directly from Däv, these charming and very practical black and white rain pumps (with alluring leopard print lining) are available in ladies sizes 6 – 11 for $59.00US a pair.}

♥ ♥ ♥

After a week of rain (thunder, lightning and intense wind are all pounding away outside my window as I type this), my mind has wandered to thoughts of stylish ways to keep dry when navigating the drops – so hence why today’s vintage fashionista, Abigail, is decked out in pieces to help her (or you!) keep the rain at bay all spring long.

How are things looking on your end, my dears, as we head into the Mother’s Day weekend? Are you also debating building an ark, or have you been treated to a hearty dose of sunshine so far this month?

Whatever the weather, I wish you each a splendidly gorgeous weekend, and hope that life is smiling sweetly upon all of you!


  1. Hi dear Jessica! How divine!! We have sunshine this weekend so I will be out enjoying that as much as possible. D is STILL away so I'm super busy. I hope you are well. xo – g

  2. The umbrella is just adorable. And I really love the jacket too!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend Jessica :)


  3. You know the only thing I don't like about these posts is that I wish we had some model to put it all together on. ;)

    and how it makes me covet so many things.

  4. I love the umbrella and the stockings!

  5. so loving this post Jessica!!!! I love that umbrella and raincoat so much...and I've had those tattoo tights marked as a fave on Etsy for so long now..I need to just buy them ;-)

  6. I am going to have a look at those tattoo stockings right now, they look fantastic! I wish that more shoes were waterproof, it's so very annoying when you go with a great outfit but shoes that don't match because it's too wet to wear anything else!
    The weather has been awful here, it's was really sunny 2 weeks ago. Where's the sun gone! Hope you are well xxx

  7. I just had to let you know I've fallen in love with your blog!

  8. I have to have that sweet and we have had so much rain down at the Jersey shore...I am on an endless search for cute rain gear.

    Hope you are feeling better