May 3, 2010

Today’s Vintage Treasure: 1930s reproduction quilt fabric

{While I’m not a quilter (hand stitched patchwork blankets for my dollies that I made as a young child aside), I’m the first to say that quilting is a beautiful, time honoured art that has long intrigued me. I love the principle behind quilting, that one can take small scraps or squares of fabric, combine them together and transform them into something that provides form, comfort and even security.

Recently I came across an eBay seller called anielia who is currently selling an absolutely delightful selection of 1930s reproduction "Antique Treasure" fabrics by a line called Paintbrush Studios. The listings are for fat quarters (one quarter of a square yard/metre of fabric) of 100% cotton, however the seller states that if you buy more than one fat quarter, the material will be shipped in continual yardage, so I’d be willing to guess that if you contacted the seller and asked (for example) to buy three yards of a given pattern, they may very well be able to accommodate you.

The four designs shown above are just a sample of the lovely, salt-of-the-earth patterns of 1930s reproduction fabric that anielia has listed (each fat quarter sells for $2.20 US as a "Buy It Now"), every one of which really does have a genuinely old fashioned, earnest 1930s feel to it, that would make it an excellent choice for all manner of vintage inspired fabric crafts (including, naturally, quilting).}

♥ ♥ ♥

A different sort of vintage treasure that came to my attention today, is a marvellous project that was recently launched by the site Vintage Savoir Faire called the Grow-A-Long 2010. While the name of this project might suggest it has something to do with hair, it is in fact a free online workshop that will guide participants through the steps involved with growing three types of edible plants (via garden or container growing) and then using your the produce you harvest to make edible treats and pampering beauty products alike.

As someone who adores the idea of modern day Victory Gardens, embracing a green lifestyle, and producing one’s own food (when possible), I’m head-over-heels for this idea. If you’re interested as well, be sure to swing by Vintage Savoir Faire and sign up for this fantastic summer project.

Wishing you each an enchanting evening and first week of May!


  1. Hi sweetie, adore print,what a treat, thank-you! Top right and bottom left are my favourites. Have a stylish Day. Sharon xx

  2. Those prints are very pretty....if only I knew how to sew! ;)

  3. The Grow-A-Long project sounds great, i will swing by and have a look! xx

  4. So happy to find your blog....I absolutetly adore vintage style too....and I'm enjoying perusing the old photos you've shared here. These quilt squares are really cool!

  5. i absolutely adore the colors! so pretty!