May 13, 2010

Fabulous vintage inspired Jantzen Heritage Collection swimsuits

Perhaps it’s because if the pounding rain out there keeps up, we may soon find it easier to swim around town, or maybe it’s because I’ve been housebound most days for quite a stretch now, either way, my thoughts this grey afternoon have turned to all manner of warm, delightful summer activities.

Undeniably one of the most enjoyable things to do once the temperature starts to skyrocket, is make a quick beeline to the nearest body of water (be it a lake, ocean, river, or outdoor pool) as a means of at least trying to stay cool. Though it’s been a fair number of years since I last had the pleasure of gracing a shoreline (or pool’s edge), I still enjoy the fun of admiring beautiful bathing suits, which I then often daydream about wearing to some far-flung tropical destination (or, failing that, either one of the two lakes in my hometown out in B.C.).

Recently I got wind of the fact that famed swimwear brand Jantzen is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, an event that’s been marked by the release of several swimsuits modelled after patterns that were used by the company in decades past. This charming homage to the past translates into several absolutely smashing bathing suit designs, all of which are meant to capture the spirit of the early to mid twentieth century.

Dubbed the Heritage Collection, these new suits do a wonderful job of conjuring up thoughts of yesteryear bathing beauties thanks to their classic, feminine lines and flirty details.

Jantzen is one of the most iconic names in swimwear. Their styles once graced many a fashion magazine’s pages (both as part of spreads and via ads) as well as the bodies of countless real world women, too. To this day many who appreciate the elegance and beauty of a well made, stylish bathing costume remain loyal Jantzen fans – and as the Heritage Collection shows, it’s clear to see why.

Below are some of the stylish suits in this striking collection – any one of which most of us would love to sport come the dog days of summer (or while on vacation to some marvellously sun-kissed destination any time of the year).

{This darling emerald green one-piece conjures up thoughts of glamorous Hollywood starlets and stylish women of yesteryear sunning themselves around the pool, a cold drink never far from sight. Vamp Maillot bathing suit, $98.00 US.}

{For those who dare to bear nearly all, this playful and alluring two piece is sure to set hearts aflutter when you stroll past looking gorgeous as the summer is hot! 1930-1940 Bandeau Top and Skirted Bottom bikini set, $146.00 US.}

{Sleek and evocative of how women’s fashions in the distant future were sometimes viewed during the fifties, this shirred gunmetal hued suit features a removable halter neck strap and a ruffle bedecked neckline, both of which add to the enticing vixen appeal of this shimmery number. 1950-1960 Maillot swimsuit, $120.00 US.}

{Bright and blissful as the most azure of seas, this classically tailored bathing suit would look excellent on an array of figure types, skin tones, and alongside hair colours of nearly every shade. Pleated Solids Maillot swimdress, $106.00 US.}

These lovely Jantzen suits fall into what I consider to be the midway price range for swimwear these days. While their prices are not exactly bargain basement, they’re also not steep enough to cause complete sticker stock either. And with a month or two to go until summer really swings into high gear (well, in some parts of the world at least – including, by the look of things at the moment, Toronto!), it means that if any of these bathing suits is really beckoning you, you still have a bit of time to save up it.

While I found the examples above on (which seems to have most styles in various ladies sizes), I’ve also spotted Jantzen swimwear on sites such as and, and am now curious is any of the larger departments stores (or swimwear specialty shops) are stocking them up here in Canada.

Though I’ve never worn a Jantzen myself, when my mind starts to wander to those summery daydreams in which I’m nestled up on a pearl hued beach, a warm breeze rustling through my hair, it’s suits in styles like these that I envision myself in. Are these gorgeous vintage inspired bathing suits also the sort that you can easily imagine yourself wearing?

From one lover of vintage style to another, happy anniversary, Jantzen, here’s to your next hundred years!


  1. Oh, this is brilliant!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The top suit is more my style. I like a halter look-I need the support "up there"!

  3. wow! if I only looked like the models, I might wear one of these cute suits ;-)

  4. Arent they fab, I for one will be wearing a smile and a Jantzen when summer comes around!

  5. The emerald one is adorable!

  6. Love the first one! I want to sit on a sailboat or catamaran in that!

  7. Love all of these! I love the all in ones with the halters, they're classy yet sexy at the same time! x

  8. These are awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love that first one.

  9. I have a swimsuit styled like the Vamp Maillot - the wider strap placement is very flattering.

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  10. Those are cute. Too bad I won't look as cute ;)

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    I really do love these swimsuits, just the ones at fit me way better