Social butterfly

While I love devoting a good chunk of my time to writing and doing research for the blogs on this post, like most folks, there are variety of other spots where I enjoy hanging out.

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These include:

Facebook - New to this one (joined December 21, 2012) - heard it gives telegrams a run for their money when it comes to staying in touch with friends and family. :) If you'd like to be friends, my personal page is Jessica Cangiano. To like Chronically Vintage on Facebook, please click here.

Flickr - Got to make sure I create photos for the next generation to enjoy as much as I love those from the generations who came before me!

Instagram - Documenting my wonderful vintage, kitty, British Columbia scenery, thrift store, cute shoe filled world one iPhone photo at a time.

Pinterest - I'm more than a little addicted, with 225+ different Pinterest boards and growing.

Twitter - I'm not the most active Twitter user - never could make peace with the whole 140 character thing - but I do try and say a few words there every now and then.

Youtube - I recently (Nov. 2012) created an account for Chronically Vintage on Youtube and have exciting plans in the works for it in the coming months. I'd truly appreciate it if you subscribed and helped get my newborn channel off the ground (thank you so much!).

I tend to "nest" when it comes to my online haunts and like to avoiding spreading myself too thin by flitting between tons of different sites. That said, I'm always interested in learning about new sites and encourage you to let me know if there's a cool social media or vintage centered website you think might be to my liking.