September 17, 2012

The winner of the Red Apple Lipstick giveaway is...

Last week, as many of you may know, we held a terrific giveaway here in conjunction with gluten-free cosmetic company, Red Apple Lipstick, who's top-notch products I've had the pleasure of personally using since early on this summer.

Random number generator winner for Chronically Vintage's Red Apple Lipstick giveaway

Comments poured in and I'm happy to announce that, with the help of an online random number the lucky winner drawn for this giveaway was comment number six, which belongs to the lovely Brandy from A Series of (Unfortunate) Vintage Sewing Attempts.

Happiest congrats, Brandy, I'm absolutely thrilled for you! Red Apple Lipstick's products are genuinely amongst the finest cosmetics I've ever tried and I suspect you'll love whichever of their items you select for yourself as much as I adore those that I've been using lately.

Thank you very, very much to Red Apple Lipstick for offering my wonderful readers a chance to win one of your gluten-free beauty products, and many thanks, too, to all of you who took part in this fun giveaway.

Fear not if you didn't win this time, I've already got a different giveaway in the works for October (hint: it involves a very alluring item of clothing!), so you'll soon have another chance to try your luck at going Brandy in the giveaway winner's circle. Smile


  1. oh yay :) That made my day. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  2. Congratulations, Brandy! Lucky girl. :D

  3. Congrats to the winner...haven't heard of this brand clever...gluten free...and available by mail order!