September 15, 2012

Saturday Snapshots: September 15, 2012

{A pair of teenagers, both sporting bobby socks, walk towards each other on a business lined street in 1947. What I especially love about this shot - aside from the gals' fashions - is the children playing on a seesaw that just happens to be on the sidewalk, and the juxtaposition between childhood and teen years that it lends this wonderful image.}

{A couple steals a passionate kiss as another woman looks on from a nearby window in this endearing, undated image that I'd peg to be from the late twenties or early thirties.}

{Calling to mind famed boxers of the decade, such as Joe Louis, this snap from 1933 depicts three young men at summer camp practising their boxing skills.}

{Bursting with an abundance of cuteness, this heartwarming vintage photo shows four young siblings sharing a living room chair together, and reminds me fondly of similar shots that my mom snapped of me and my siblings when were around the same ages.}

{Summer may be coming to end soon, but that's no reason we can't continue to draw seasonal fashion - and hairstyling - inspiration from timelessly pretty pictures such as this one of three 1940s members of the same family posing on a farm in Grenville, Quebec.}

{A 1950s couple - the woman of which looks a teeny bit like Queen Elizabeth here, I think - exploring ancient runes while on holiday in Europe. I like how she's wearing a straw sun bonnet and a scarf on her head at the same time, I suspect that really does help keep your head well protected from the sun.}

{Hopping seasons (and decades), here we see a cheerful woman bundled up against the elements in her winter finery in a great capture from the 1930s.}

{I always find myself drawn to vintage street scene photographs, especially if they include throngs of pedestrians (whose styles I can fawn over) and a sense of the hustle and bustle of daily life, such as this photo taken on the busy streets of Syracuse, New York in 1957.}

{Looking glamorous and gorgeous enough to be a movie still, this studio photograph from the 30s shows a newly married Chicago couple, along with their best man and maid of honour, on their wedding day.}

{Smiles and terrific early 1940s warm weather fashions abound in this absolutely lovely image of two teenage gals from Kentucky.}

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, 
please click on it to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

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Ronald Reagan isn't someone I quote all that often, but when I read this line from him for the first time recently, I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. I have no idea if he really had his grades classified or not, but I can relate to the sentiment that there are certain elements from your school days that you wish you could keep sealed under lock and key for the rest of time.

Save perhaps for high school math, I don't have any grades I'm looking to hide from the general public, but there are other elements of my school days (like the memories of being mercilessly bullied) that I wish I could tuck away in a vault and forget about.

It's easy to look back on one's school days as a halcyon time of Leave It To Beaver-like idyllic pep rallies, sporting events, well behaved peers, and firm, yet ultimately always kind, teachers. Reality is usually a far cry different from such a  picture, but just how far varies for most of us.

Naturally enough, it's impossible for September to roll around once more without me thinking back to my school days. Though it's been a fair while since I last sat in a classroom, and I don't (yet) have children who are headed off to the hallowed halls of education, September will always, now and forever, be inherently tied to thoughts of school for me.

Some of these memories are as saccharine and wonderful as can be, others still send a cold shiver up my spine, and many fall in between - this blend symbolizing in so many regards, life itself as a whole. September however, with it's promise of a rosy new beginning and the prospect (however pollyanna it may have been in my case) that the year ahead would be worlds better than those that proceeded it, will always ensure that the positive recollections outweigh the negative, and I cannot help but love that fact.

I've never been the type to dwell (too much at least) on the bad, preferring to remember and celebrate the good in life, and September was chocked full of goodness. From the marvelous scent of freshly sharpened pencil crayons to new clothes (a rare occurrence), to picking a desk and hoping that you'd gotten a good teacher, this was a month that was as shiny, exciting and lovely as a new penny.

My thoughts on school come, say, February might take on a decidedly different tone, but right here and now, while I can relate to and laugh at Mr. Reagan's words, the only thing from my school days I'll be keeping top secret is just what was written on the notes my best friend and I used to swap back and forth at the speed of wildfire as soon as class was back in session.


  1. Great photos like always. I've been a bit sentimental about school this year. Actually every year since graduating high school. To me school was a safe haven, it was a place where I could learn and hang out with friends.

  2. I love these images- especially the less formal ones (second one down and the street scene in colour too) as they are so real you could walk out of your house and be there! Fabulous! x

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos and commentaries. Fun to look at and read your thought on them.

  4. After all those years spent in school, September still feels like the beginning of the year to me, and I suspect it always will.

    What a charming batch of photos! I love the 30s wedding photo and the muscled boxer so very much, and I definitely intend to try the scarf over hat sometime soon. I bet it would be perfect for a windy day or a day spent bike riding.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Absolutely lovely post, Jessica!! :D Your writing style is so wonderful, and those photos are lovely!!

  6. Great photos. I love the old candid crowd shots, then you can see what every day people really wore out and about. You never see any sweat pants.

  7. The bobby socks picture is my favourite, and you've summed up why perfectly! xxx

  8. I love the wedding photo! It does look like it could have come straight from Hollywood! They must have been a stylish couple ;) How I wish I could have seen the wedding!

    I was homeschooled and loved every minute of it! September brings back memories of all of those smells, but also the smells of fall baking since I was at home and my mom would cook and bake at the same time that she was schooling us. I loved the field trips that we went on with other homeschoolers to farms, ranches, and pumpkin patches.

    I'm sorry that you were teased in school Jessic., I was ridiculed at different times during my childhood and teen years as well, just know that if we would have been in school together I would have wanted to be your friend!

  9. Oooh I thoroughly enjoy Saturday Snapshots. Always such charming photos and accompanying comments. I was bullied right through my School years and I always feel for those gentle souls who endured or are enduring this unnecessary torment.

  10. I love the street scene photographs too! Very inspiring.

  11. They are all so lovely, it is so hard to have a favourite...but I think mine is a tie between the Queen Elizabeth impersonator and the two teenage girls. Thanks again for sharing them with us.xx Shauna

  12. Oh my! These are truly priceless. I really like the Christmas street scene and the children piled up on the chair--amazing fabric detail. I look forward to your Saturday posts and the wonderful variety of images you share. Thanks!

  13. I'm with you. I love vintage street scenes. I love scenes of everyday life. I find it a great treat when I see a color photograph.

    It's a sad affair is bullying. I was also bullied rather badly. I moved around a lot as a child and it was difficult to establish concrete friendships. The school atmosphere for being "the new kid" was rarely fun. Also, add to the fact that when I was a child I had a different accent (I lived part of my childhood in the UK.) didn't help. It is interesting though that I was more accepted in the UK than I ever was in the US. Bullying was pretty bad in the US. I think it's different now. I see how the school makes diligent efforts to stop harassments (though we shall see in later grades).

    But, I have nothing to complain about now and can look back at this as a learning experience as I am now very blessed to have a wonderful family, friends, and happy thoughts.

  14. Splendid photos as always, Jessica! I wish i could pick a favorite. I think i like the wedding pic the best, though i know it's not a candid. :) Those styles in it are fabulous. I also love the Syracuse street scene. I love both urban and countryside settings when it comes to vintage pictures. Love this post! Love love love it. :D