February 12, 2012

Less than two weeks to go until the big day!

Over the past several years there have been quite a few dates, known often weeks or even months in advance, that I was anything but eager about. Many were the sort of days that you try in vain to stare at the calendar and hope will somehow magically vanish before your eyes.

While I'm not certainly not saying every day was cringe worthy, it's been a rather long time since I was bursting at the seams with excitement and anticipation over a date's arrival. Our moving day, February 23rd, is just such a date – and I’m elated about that point.

Though it's fraught with things that I'm concerned about (our schedule that day is so astronomically tightly packed, you couldn't squeeze a pin into it anywhere if you tried!), such as the fact that our darling cat, Stella, will be flying on an airplane for the first time, the joy and eagerness that is accompanying this move go a long way towards pacifying such concerns.

The fact that my husband and I experiencing this move together, that we can comfort one another when worries crop up or lend a helping hand when the other person grows exhausted from packing or planning, is an important blessing unto itself, too.

As we cross more and more dates off of February's calendar this year, I know that these last few days (before the move) will likely be the busiest we've faced over the past couple of months.

{A sweetly charming vintage calendar page from February 1954 featuring an illustrated Victorian era couple. Image via cindyiscrafty on Flickr.}


I'll be posting here whenever I can, and (fear not!) certainly won't hop provinces without (very temporarily) saying goodbye to all of you. Your support and enthusiasm about this wonderful step in my life has really helped give me energy and comfort during this hectic, exciting time in my life.

I hope that your Sunday and Valentine's week ahead is one of loveliness and felicity, and that you'll join me, sweet dears, in continuing to count down the days until I get to once again call beautiful British Columbia home.


  1. Yeah! So happy for you!!! I understand all your worries esp with Stella-I would be too. I have something imp coming up in April that I will share with everyone soon and I am just dizzy with worries and up to my ears with my lists heheeh You just want everything to go as smoothly as possible which I totally get! And it will!!!! Happy Sunday my dear!!! xox

  2. Moving over such a distance would be challenging for anyone, I'm sure all the hard work and tiredness will be worth it in the end though. It's great to hear you sounding so full of anticipation.

  3. Jessica,
    Beautiful blog, I found it by searching vintage cooking blogs. I am a vintage girl myself in Los Angeles California. Nice to meet friends across the ocean who enjoy the same things I do. Good luck with you move, Chef Louise

  4. Hi Jessica, moving is so hard and stressy but I love it! I see it as a new begin, a new challenge!So My dear...good work, good luck!
    A very big hug,
    tiziana x

  5. Greetings Jessica. Just trying to network with other Vintage Gals. Except I really am a "vintage gal." Love your blog, am following it and I picked this post to respond to, because I was born in March of 1954. I have 4 blogs, 2 celebrate the old ways - and 2 are total vintage. http://vintageboomer.blogspot.com/ is about parenting and babycare of the babyboom and beyond. The other is http://vintageageofhollywood.blogspot.com/ - I am really going to LOVE your blog. Thanks for being here!!!