October 19, 2014

25 vintage deals under $100 for October 2014

There's crystalline dew on the tips of the rust hued grass out front. The dark, sleepy night is still fresh in the bracingly chilly air and piles of leaves, rich and fragrant with dampness, in hues of marigold, persimmon, candy apple and mink rest along the street edges as far as the eye can see. This is mid-October, that beautiful, woefully fleeting time of the year when we can still sense the tiniest speck of summer's warmth and yet are so very near to winter's chill and the long, grey months it harbors.

Now is when the world harvests and celebrates its age old bounty. Here in Canada, we sat down to a full turkey dinner spread earlier this week on Monday evening for Canadian Thanksgiving and next month, right at the tail end of November, those in America will do the same. Children and the young at heart alike are giddy with excitement about Halloween and pumpkins appear like polka dots on Mother Nature's beautiful dress all across the land.

This is a merry time. Warm and bright, if not in weather, than at least in spirit. We turn some of those orange globes of tender, stringy flesh into baked goods and scrumptious beverages, others become the grimacing and gap-toothed smiling jack-o-lanterns of October 31st, and we begin think about nestling into our homes, cozying up for the lengthy winter ahead and finding comfort indoors, more often than not.

Before we resign ourselves to winter (which, to be fair to this often underappreciated time of the year, has many a good point to it as well, not the least of which includes Christmas) however, we'll load our carts up with decorative ears of Indian corn, lush golden pears, and bags of festive sweets; turn our gaze once more to the resplendent harvest moon, and continue to surround ourselves with beautiful elements of the season. If, like me, you're in the mood to do just that, than the lovely selection of harvest worthy, budget-friendly finds in this month's edition of 25 vintage deals under $100.00 is for you!

 photo 25vintagedealsunderahundreddollarsforOctober2014postheader_zps376cdbef.png

1. Resembling two of fall's most timelessly lovely symbols, the leaf and a shaft of harvested wheat, this gorgeous, good sized (it's 2.5 inches long) circa 1930s deeply carved vintage butterscotch brooch is the perfect accent note on any ensemble this season - or the whole year round. $42.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

2. Toast in this magnificent time of the year with these immensely pretty NOS (new old stock) vintage maple leaf print drinking glasses that feature a truly spot on autumn colour scheme. $29.99 for all eight glasses from Morning Glory Moderne.

3. Even those who don't count themselves as big hat fans usually reach for a trusty, wonderfully warm chapeau or two come the return of autumn's icy winds. Whether you can't get enough of hats the whole year round or fall into the "cold weather protection only camp", this timelessly pretty 1920s style handmade brown check patterned slouchy cloche inspired topper is for you. $32.36 from Contrapunt.

4. If you're like me, come fall, one of - if not "the" - first colours you make a mad dash for is mustard yellow. I could gleefully live in it everyday from September to the end of November and never tire of finding timelessly lovely vintage pieces in this warm, beautiful shade to fill my closet and autumn ensembles with. This wonderful 1980s does 1940s/50s mustard yellow and white polka dot dress, with an elegant lace trimmed collar, is just the feminine, stylish ticket if you're keen on doing the same. Fits up to a 34" bust/28" waist. $32.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

5. My first thought upon seeing this peacefully gorgeous set of four matching fall leaf vintage trinket/serving/candy dishes is how amazingly at home they would look in a woodland cabin. The second was that I wish they were sitting on my dining room table, in our far-from-rustic contemporary condo, right this very minute. $20.00 for all four from Remembering Diane.

6. Add a fun, marvelously stylish jolt of autumn's palette to your favourite vintage hairdo or pinned to a beloved garment by way of this timelessly pretty black and gold hued feather hair clip/corsage pin, that would also look terrific, I think, as part of steampunk and goth ensembles alike. $11.99 from Blue Velvet Vintage.

7. Serve up your favourite fall time eats, be it on Thanksgiving or any other day of the season, atop this timelessly elegant vintage 16.25" long oval turkey and fruit print serving platter. $18.50 from Farmhouse Supply.

8. Honour the spirit of fall by wearing a beautiful circa 1920s/1930s brass and enamel art deco era bracelet featuring an elegant red maple leaf on it. Naturally, given the subject matter, this maple leaf bracelet lends itself particularly well to Canada Day celebrations as well. $22.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

9. If ever there was a vintage tableware set that captured the spirit and hues of autumn, this serenely beautiful pumpkin shaped salt and pepper + cream and sugar quartet, which also comes with the silver toned metal spoon shown in the photo, is it. $44.00 for all five pieces (such a good deal!) from Dannah's Diggs.

10. Keep autumn's chill at bay and appear stylishly professional at the same time with this nine-to-five perfect 1940s brown wool pencil skirt, that would of course be fabulous for a busy mom-on-the-go, brunch with your bestie, a day of errand running, or anytime you want to nail one of the most iconic looks of mid-twentieth century and stay roasty-toasty warm in the process. Fits up to a 28" waist/41" hips. $48.00 from Dalena Vintage.

11. Searching for new ways to serve one of fall and winter's most iconic ingredients: the tart, juicy, delicious crimson hued cranberry? Then look no further than this wonderful 23 page vintage recipe booklet featuring festive ideas to put this healthy berry to work all year round. $10.00 from Cookbook Maven.

12. Stay warm and look like a million mid-century dollars in this timelessly gorgeous cream cashmere cardigan with faux pearls and gold seed beads laid out in an enchantingly lovely leaf, vine and grape pattern that suits fall to an absolute tee. Fits up to a 38 inch bust/30 inch waist. $85.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

13. With the return of cool fall weather comes a renewed desire to craft - or so it does for me! :) Hunkered inside, I want to make and create like mad all the way until the warm days of April or May return and many of my projects, especially my scrapbooking and card making ones, involve buttons. As such, I love sourcing great multi-colour and multi-style lots like this Halloween perfect vintage selection for just such creative endeavors. $6.50 (for 63 buttons) from Peach Parlor.

14. You can't beat the classic combination of orange and black - in this case with a little red swirled into the mix for good measure - when it comes to fall and Halloween time attire, and this wonderful upcycled 1950s style scarf/collar is bursting with this great palette. Wear it now for October 31st and the rest of the year for a reminder of the fun and festivities of fall. $16.18 from Contrapunt.

15. I dare you not to fall in love with this fabulously adorable vintage autumn squirrel vase - that also does a great job of being a pen or pencil holder. It's sweet, fun, kitsch and oh-so-cute!!! $16.58 from Eclectic Moi.

16. Wear two of fall's most iconic colours - orange and gold - on your ears and look as pretty as a field of pumpkins care of these fabulous 1950s lucite confetti earrings that stay put thanks to the novel use of magnets, not clips or posts. $11.00 from Sanne's Vintage Jools.

17. Layer this wonderful 1950s pale gold sleeveless blouse under sweaters, cardigans, suit jackets, blazers, and shawls now and wear it on its own come the return of sunny spring days. Fits up to a 37" bust/30" waist. (On sale at the time of writing for) $23.50 from The Best Vintage Clothing.

18. Owls and fall go together like cardinals and winter. The two compliment each other sublimely and are an emblematic sign of the season. This autumn, adorn your tabletop with this pair of massively cute, completely kitschy made-in-Japan googly eye adorned wooden salt and pepper shakers and smile every time you sit down to eat. $11.66 from Peppermint Sea.

19. Just because summer's blooms are becoming a distant memory doesn't mean you can't keep the spirit of a lush, sun-kissed garden alive care of your wardrobe choices. This big (it's square shaped and measures 30.5 inches on all sides), beguilingly beautiful 1950s silk scarf features a pattern of big, bold roses in shades of mustard yellow, fawn brown, slate blue, and rich cream that is sublimely well suited to all kinds of autumn attire. $22.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

20. Right up there with mustard yellow (and rusty shades of orange) for me on the fall colour palette must-have list is brown. It's warm, evocative and brings out the tones in my skin far better than black, which is no small part of the reason why I especially love wearing it near by face. Sometimes though, as I would if I owned this awesome 1950s cocoa brown circle skirt, I turn to it to adorn my bottom half and swoon over the way it still helps brighten my pale, pink tinged complexion all the same. Fits up to just under a 29" waist/full hips. $58.00 from Dalena Vintage.

21. Whether you bestow it upon a beloved chap or sport it yourself, this classic hand painted 1950s leaf pattern neck tie is the kind of seasonal, Thanksgiving dinner perfect accessory that will never lose its charm or appeal. $14.00 from Marc Joseph.

22. Look cute as a button and keep your clothing neat and tidy care of this wonderfully pretty 1960s green and white gingham half apron with a lovely embroidered design of pumpkins, corn and squash above the hem and on the pocket. $12.50 from Siblings Vintage.

23. It's never easy to say good bye to our favourite warm weather footwear like sandals and peep-toe wedges, but timelessly charming, completely lovely autumn worthy shoes like these beautiful Retro Cream Color Mary Jane Heels can certainly help make the process a whole lot easier - and fashionable! Available in modern ladies sizes 7 to 9 (at the time of writing). $54.95 from Blue Velvet Vintage.

24. If it weren't for the fact that it's too big for me, I'd be incredibly tempted to snap up this well priced, endlessly pretty 1940s daisies and dahlias floral print skirt faster than you can say "vintage fall fashion!". Fits up to 31" waist and is 28" long. (On sale at the time of writing for) $55.20 from The Best Vintage Clothing.

25. This vintage acorn stunner? Why, yes, it does just happen to be the most autumn perfect, sophisticated, stop-you-in-your-tracks, completely gorgeous early 20th century brass dress/fur clip of all time. $42.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

{Please click on a specific item, or the link in the description below it, to be taken to its respective listing.}

I set my fall and Halloween decor out early and leave it up late. Well, perhaps not all that late, but at least half-way into November more often than not (if I lived in the US and celebrated Thanksgiving during next month's final week, I would keep it up until then), when often in the same day that the ghosts, pumpkins, and witches get tucked away once more, the Christmas tree, wreaths, and jingle bells come out of storage again.

Each year I love growing my seasonal decor collection, which houses a mix of new, old, and childhood treasures alike and 2014 has been no exception there. In fact, I've purchased several new fall and Halloween decorations in the last few weeks and am seriously tempted to add at least one or two from today's post to that growing pile as well. We'll see though, as I spent a fair amount on our recent trip to Vancouver Island and Christmas is but a stone's throw away, so perhaps I'll just admire them from afar and let all of your lovely dears avail of these beautiful, fall harvest perfect vintage bargains. :)

Here's to a frighteningly fabulous, fun filled, very happy second half of October - may it be a stellar one for all of us!

October 16, 2014

The winner of the $75 Etsy CV store credit, I've got the flu, our 10th wedding anniversary, and other recent going ons

...And now that I've written a title that's long enough to be a post unto itself. :D

First and foremost (despite the hefty title size), this post is not going to be a particularly lengthy one (by my standards). I'm literally writing it with just one eye open only half the way to try and block out the effect that light radiating from my laptop screen is on the pulsating migraine that I have right now, brought on by a rather unpleasant flu (not that there’s any sort that I'd dub "pleasant"!) that came on in the blink of an eye on Monday and is still very much going strong four days in.

Thankfully, in the world of flues, this is not one of the most severe I've had, but nevertheless, it's taking its toil and putting me pretty much completely out of commission at the moment (especially since, like - without fail - all colds, flues and the like that I get, it has caused serious flare-ups with some of my medical conditions). While I'm not very pleased about that, I am grateful at least that this virus was so "kind" as to spare attacking me at the end of the month. With a bit of luck, lots of rest, and drinking gallons of liquids, I should hopefully be on my feet again come Halloween (fingers crossed!).

Okay, onto more enjoyable topics! For starters, though I was asleep with a 103F fever for nearly all of it, Tuesday was Tony and mine's 10th wedding anniversary. Over the years here, I've talked about our relationship and its beginnings (such as in this post last May) and the profound, unshakable love that we have for one another (such as here), so many of you may already know a bit about our story.

For those that do not however, in the tiniest of nutshells, we met online in March of 2004 (at the time I was living right here in Penticton and Tony was on the other side of the Atlantic ocean in Ireland), in person for the first time in June, were engaged in July, and married in a super small civil ceremony with just a few close family members in attendance in October of that same year. It was, in no uncertain terms, a whirlwind romance, but we both know in the furthest recesses of our hearts that we had found "the one" and that there was no sense in waiting years to do something we knew within weeks that we were destined to have happen (marry one another, that is).

We were young by modern standards when we tied the knot - I was 20, Tony was 24 - and yet both came to relationship with absolutely no shortage of life history under our respective belts. In the past decade we have lived in two countries, two (Canadian) provinces, and multiple cities. We've faced staggering adversity on many front, become pet "parents" to Stella (our darling tabby cat) and Annie (our sweet, endless energetic American Bullador), cried, laughed, celebrated, and worked incredibly hard together. Tony and I have grown up and grown incredibly close over the course these last ten years and it was with no small amount joy that we celebrated this milestone anniversary this week (which will be properly observed, festive feast and all, once I'm over the flu). I love my husband with every fiber of my being and am so grateful that we get to share our lives and our futures together, continuing to built on the life, dreams and hopes of the past decade, while keeping our eyes on tomorrow and never forgetting to savour today in the process.

In other news, last month I posted a new Chronically Vintage reader and customer survey and invited all those who completed it to leave a comment for the chance to win a $75.00 Etsy store credit. The deadline to do so wrapped up last night and this morning I'm thrilled to announce the winner (who was selected using a random number generator). Drum roll, please...

Huge and very happy congratulations to Abigail from the immensely lovely blog Sweeter Gets The Journey, you've won a $75.00 Chronically Vintage store credit which you can put towards the cost of anything in the shop. I will be contacting you by email ASAP with further details and sincerely want to thank you - and absolutely everyone who took part in this survey and giveaway (your impute is hugely appreciated and will certainly play a roll in shaping my blog and Etsy shop in the future).

{The lucky winner, Abigail, in one of my favourite photographs of her from her gorgeous, image filled blog.}

Between some health issues in the later part of the summer and our wonderful recent travels to Victoria, plus the flu (et al) this week, I am well aware that I haven't posted a new YouTube video for some time now. When I initially launched my channel, I'd - in true, overly optimistic Jessica fashion - envisioned posting there once a week on average. A few videos in and my feet were soon back on the ground again and that notion had flown out the window. That said, I adore making videos and do plan to continue posting them periodically, always (massively) welcoming your ideas for topics to cover in the process.

And last, but not least, in this "bits and bobs" sort of update post, I'm still very much on the hunt for my Halloween costume this year. Maybe it's because I usually know months in advance what I plan to go as, but this year, for the 30th All Hallows Eve of my life, my costume remains one big question mark (not literally - though that could be a fun disguise unto itself :) ). With just two weeks left until the fabulously fun and splendidly spooky night to go, I truly must - once this flu lets up a bit - get to it and come up with something interesting to wear.

That's it for today, sweet dears. I'm off to get some more healing shut eye. I hope that you're doing splendidly, are flu free, and are enjoying an absolutely beautiful October!

October 14, 2014

10 highlights from our awesome trip to Vancouver Island

Like so very many of the best holidays do, our recent fortnight on Vancouver Island sped past at the speed of light. What had been diligently saved and planned for over the course of many months, came and was done before we could blink - or so it felt. In reality, we filled our days wonderfully and crossed many entries off of our to-do list (though quite a few remain for future visits, which will no doubt include revisiting some of our new favourites again as well) and it's hard to cap today's post at just ten entries.

The weather during our trip was a bit of a surprise, as it rained profusely for some, or all, of just about every day that we were there. I might have expected as much in the spring, especially being smack dab on the Pacific Ocean with its relatively damp Canadian West Coast climate, but I didn't see it coming for the start of fall and will certainly keep as much in mind now when it comes to booking future trips to Victoria or elsewhere on Vancouver Island. As a result of the the fact that it was pouring kitties and puppies right, left and center, we didn't get to do as many outdoor activities - including outfit photo shoots - as we'd hoped for, but ultimately it was okay, because the damp weather just meant that we did more things inside (and still managed to get a few shoots, which I'll be sharing snaps from in outfit posts here throughout the fall).

Though vintage related going ons were a part of this trip, and we intentionally planned for the travel dates that we did so as to correspond on the Victoria Vintage Expo (see entry #10 below), this trip was not solely focused on buying for the Etsy shop or myself, in part because I wanted it (the trip) to be something of a breather from me from work and I'm very happy to say that it was (just as it was for Tony, who needed some respite from the long, exhausting workdays he puts in all year long as well).

Save for two days when I simply wasn't doing well enough on the health front to leave the house (one of which Tony had fun going fishing on), we were out and about everyday of the trip and saw, did and enjoyed various places and experiences on each of them. I'm sincerely impressed with how much we accomplished, while still feeling like we were relaxing and taking things at a manageable pace in the process. Though this trip wasn't as life altering for me as last year's journey to Calgary, I didn't go into it expecting it to be and was thankful for the fact that it felt like a proper, relaxing holiday.

That said, I certainly experienced some important thoughts and gained a clearer picture on how to move forward with juggling the demands of both my blog and Etsy shop, without (hopefully) doing (new) serious damage to my health. There had been some very worrisome warning signs and major flare-ups indicating that I was at risk of doing so towards the end of the summer, due to the insanely long hours and amount of physical work I was putting in on that front, plus the stress that was arising from that situation, so taking a break where we did couldn’t have come at a better time.

Even the rain couldn't dampen (pun intended :D) my spirits while we were on Vancouver Island and I'm so glad that Tony and I selected it as our holiday destination for 2014. I have fallen madly, head-over-heels with Victoria and the Island as a whole (to the point where, no joke, I'd happily pack up and move there today if such is possible, which it isn't for a multitude of reasons - but perhaps one distant day it will be) and can scarcely wait to get back there again on the double!

Until then though, I'll have fun reflecting on the many stellar memories we made during our 2014 vacation, very much including each and every one of the following ten activities, sights and experiences (which are in completely random order, not a top ten kind of list - it would be darn near impossible for me to do so, as I adored each one in so many ways!).

 photo 10highlightsfromourawesometriptoVancouverIslandblogpostheader_zpsb703abfe.png

1. Whale Watching on the Pacific Ocean

This was one of the top activities that I'd been daydreaming of doing on the Island and I'm so grateful that it was able to happen, as I have a profound love of whales (and animals in general) and had never done so before. We booked our three hour long excursion with the well known Price of Whales company (in part because their boats offered smooth sailing and washrooms, both a must for me) and lucked out with the fact that we were on the water during one of the few sunny afternoons of our trip.

Though the sightings were a bit slow to come at first, around the half way mark we spotted a few minke whales, then as we got out even further into the gorgeous blue Pacific ocean, several majestic orca whales, a few seals, and for all of about two seconds, one endlessly adorable brown sea otter. The captain of the boat did a stellar job of keeping the required (it's the law) 100 yards from all of the ocean critters, but at one point an orca surfaced close to the boat of its own accord and when it did, Tony was able to capture the photo above. It was inspiring and immensely fun to see these intelligent, amazing animals up close and I will treasure the memory of my first whale watching trip for as long as I live.

2. Hanging out with history at the Royal BC Museum

And speaking of animals, back on dry land, during an especially rainy morning, we hightailed it to the wonderful Royal BC Museum, which I don't believe I'd been to in more than twenty years. One of the province's largest and best museums, it is a "must see" for any history, archaeology, or nature buff who happens to be in the area, as it houses a stellar mixture of historical exhibits, animal displays (including its famous woolly mammoth, which has been there for at least as long as I have memories of visiting the museum), and plenty of interesting sociological related exhibits, too. Naturally, I was especially smitten with the small historical costume and memorabilia wing, where I took (low light) snaps of several exhibits pertaining to the early and mid-twentieth century, including this beautiful pink 1940s maternity dress with matching accessories.

3. Attending my first live Russell Peters show

Tony was really on the ball, checking online for exciting local events every morning and in doing so one day, he discovered that there was going to be a Russell Peters comedy show that very evening. Tickets were still available, so he booked two for us on the double and we eagerly passed the hours until we we headed over to the Save On Foods Memorial Center to watch this world famous comedian work his humorous magic on the crowd. We've both been huge Russell Peters fans for many years now and always said we'd make it to one of his shows, if possible, so getting to do just that while on holiday was like an extra big cherry on top of the fabulous ice cream sundae that was our whole vacation. He was dynamite in person and I would definitely pay to see him crack up the audience again anytime!

4. Getting to travel on the ferry again


I love boats, always, always will, but despite living in a town with two large lakes, I hadn't had the pleasure of riding around on for many years now due to my health and it had been nearly sixteen years actually since I was last on a ferry, so the trip to and from Vancouver Island itself was definitely one of the highlights of this vacation for me. We had completely smooth sailing in both directions and even spotted a couple of whales wayyyyy off in the distance on voyage to the Island.

5. Visiting the Robert Bateman Centre Gallery

When I was a little girl my parents had a large, hardcover coffee table book of world renewed Canadian wildlife painter Robert Bateman's work which was indeed on our living coffee table for several years. It was through this tomb of phenomenally beautiful artwork that my lifelong love of Bateman's work was born and to this day, he remains my favourite Canadian - and wildlife in general - artist ever.

Visiting the Robert Bateman Centre Gallery, which is devoted to his work, was one of the top things I hoped to do in Victoria and it didn't disappoint in the slightest. Spacious rooms teeming with his paintings, sketches, and other creative works invite viewers to linger and even interact with them (through a specially designed app, as well as sound buttons you can press alongside many paintings to hear various bird sounds that correspond with a given piece of art), and cause one to happily reflect on just how incredibly blessed we are by nature and how we must do all that we can to preserve what remains of it for future generations.

6. Seeing the ocean in Parksville

Tony and I took some day trips to nearby towns and communities around Victoria, the furthest point of which was the incredibly pretty ocean town of Parksville, where we went thrift store shopping and explored two breathtaking beaches, which were made all the more lovely by the fact that fall's colour palette was beginning to return to the area. Parksville was my favourite location outside of Victoria itself that we saw and I really look forward to visiting again in the future (as well as exploring even further up and down the Island).

7. Antique shopping around the island

Skipping a photo here on purpose...I want to surprise you with lots of great new listings of what I bought on our travels in the shop as the year progresses! (I'm such a tease, I know! :D)

 Having last been on the Island when I was 14.5 years old, I'd not had a chance to go vintage or antique shopping there as an adult yet and was seriously eager to do so. While Victoria (and various other Island towns and cities) has some vintage stores, and they're all great, it was the abundance of antique stores nearly everywhere we travelled the knocked my socks off most of all. There are dozens of them on Vancouver Island and I only got to a small handful during our two weeks there.

As with antique stores everywhere, some have very reasonable prices, others are laughably expensive and a plenty fall in between the two. Luckily we hit a few that were quite well priced and I was delighted to score several items for the Etsy shop, as well as a couple of great treasures (such as a c. 1950s copper charm bracelet with mining themed/gold rush themed charms that I madly adore) for my own wardrobe/collection, too. Of all the places I've visited so far in Canada, I can confidently say that Vancouver Island has the largest concentration of antique stores I've ever seen in this country (and as such, I will definitely be returning their primarily for the purpose of sourcing and shopping likely many times in the future).

8. Feeding the harbour seals at Fisherman's Wharf

Without a doubt, seals are one of my all-time favourite animals, so when I learned that there was a group of that that lived in the waters of Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria, which the public was encouraged to feed, I couldn't hightail it down there fast enough to do so. In the rain (surprise, surprise! ;)) we did just that, buying $5.00 trays of small, whole fish to feed them from an onsite fish monger's shop. They were mind blowingly adorable, cute as can be, and very friendly. If I lived in Victoria, I know I'd be there every week feeding and visiting with them (and plan to do so on all future trips to Victoria). You can see another photo of the seals that I took here.

9. The amazing abundance of heritage and vintage housing & buildings

Just as Vancouver Island has the largest number of antique stores I've encountered in Canada, so too does it have - by a very long shot - the greatest volume of heritage and vintage houses and buildings (many of them dating to before 1900) I've had the great pleasure of seeing anywhere in the country. Victoria and the Island as a whole have done a tremendous job of preserving these architectural treasures and ensured that I had some gorgeous old school eye candy wherever I went throughout the trip. In fact, at once point Tony even said (and tweeted) that if I was a city, I would be Victoria (because of all the vintage and history to be had there), and I couldn't agree with him more. (The photo above is of the back side of the stunning Legislature Building in Victoria.)

10. Attending the annual Victoria Vintage Expo

Last, but unequivocally not last, one of the biggest standouts of our time on the Island was attending the annual Victoria Vintage Expo, which was held on both floors of the beautiful, historic Crystal Garden Conference center. The two day event brought in vendors and thousands of attendees from across Canada and the the United States, and was absolutely jam packed.

We were there when the doors opened at 4pm on Friday afternoon and didn't leave until shortly before they closed at 10pm that night. During that time, I worked at break neck speed to see ever vendor (I hope I didn't miss any!) and also took part in the fun little fashion show that they had, in which I won for the best accessories category, which was quite an honour.

As it was (yet again) raining that afternoon and we were soooo busy once inside the show, which was too crowded in most spots to take photos anyhow, we didn't get in an outfit shoot that day, but thankfully there were at least two photographers who had been hired to document the day and both of took my picture. Some of their snaps are up on the Victoria Vintage Expo Facebook page and that's where this image of me hails from. I truly adored this event, which was far larger and even better than I'd dreamed it would be and will definitely be returning as a customer, seller, or - most likely - both in future years.

{Orca whale photograph via Tony's Instagram, picture of me at the Victoria Vintage Fair via their official Facebook page. All other photos taken by me and shared on my Instagram.}

♥ ♥ ♥

As you can see, we did a lot in the span of just two weeks - and this isn't even a complete list by any means (two other fabulous highlights included attending opening night of a live performance of Pride & Prejudice at the Langham Court Theater and getting to go shopping in person at Forever 21 again for the first time since we lived in Toronto).

Some of the loveliest moments were also those when we were just walking or driving around the city, getting to know its history rich personality and many perks better, and I wouldn't have traded them for anything, as they really helped familiarize us with BC's capital and endear this sweepingly beautiful place to my heart all the more.

I don't have the slightest idea where we may venture off on holiday next year (assuming such is possible), but wherever it may be, you can bet that I'll have my iPhone at the ready, Instagram as we go, and post about it once we're home. Who knows, given how very much I've fallen madly in love Victoria, maybe we'll be making a repeat performance there (that would be A-okay with me!). :)