July 22, 2014

Every now and then...

Outfit details

Black felt beret: eBay 
Gun metal and clear rhinestone bow earrings: Payless
Sterling Silver Hearts Name Necklace: Onecklace
Red button front shirt: Smart Set
Black fitted vest: Reitmans
1940s style grey swing trousers: Heyday
Plastic angle bracelets: Assorted sources
Light pink cross body faux leather bag: eBay
Red socks: Walmart
1940s style black oxford shoes: Thrifted (Salvation Army)
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red

Photography by Tony Cangiano

As a lifelong self-professed girly-girl who (outside of the dog park and more rugged pursuits in the wilds of nature) rarely wears pants, in no small part because most styles look as disastrous on me as a train wreck along side a forest fire with a swarm of killer bees rushing out of it, it's certainly not everyday that my style veers in a distinctly menswear inspired direction.
Yet, much like my uber stylish friend Sara of Lilies and Remains recently talked about, I've suddenly been feeling drawn towards trousers a lot more in the last few weeks. Odd, perhaps, given that they don't suit the incredibly warm (case in point, we were sitting at a roasty toasty 42C a few days ago) weather here as of late, but yet also understandable because pants often have a casual air to them that suits the hot-as-an-over weather that comes part and parcel with the dog days of summer so strikingly well.
Over the years I've purchased my fair share of pants, including offerings sourced online from a few different repro and/or rockabilly brands. Most, despite buying the so-called right size, didn't end up doing my short, curvy figure the slightest hint of a favour and were either returned, sold, or given away. Though they're a touch too big for me (I am forever running into pants either being just a little too big or too small), I couldn't bring myself do part with some Heyday trousers I bought about 2.5 years ago, as I am quite fond of them.
One day I may splurge and bring them to a seamstress to have the waist taken in a touch and the hems increased (I'm barely 5'2" and without pining these in the back, the cuffs on them drag on the ground for me even when worn with heels), but for now, I just use a handy-dandy safety pin to help prevent unwanted gaping at the back and they're good to go.
The sizing issues pertain to my body shape and aren't a reflection on Heyday in the slightest. I sometimes wonder, if I ordered pants from them again, would I go down a size? Assuming my weight was about the same, I really don't know. They'd be perfect in the waist in all likelihood, but would they then be too tight for this style of trouser in the thighs or otherwise not look quite right? It's impossible to say for sure without trying a smaller size on, so I might just purchase the same size again but factor a trip to the seamstress into my budget if I did. Time will tell!

The three pairs of 1940s style swing trousers (grey, seen here, dark green, and a sandy beige hue) that I have from them are, along with my beloved Freddies jeans, my only vintage reproduction pants these days, so when the mood for trousers does strike, they're where I turn (and would you believe it, in more than five years of blogging, this is the first time I've worn trousers, not denim jeans or capris, on camera? It's true!).
I woke up one day recently in a distinctly menswear inspired state of mind. Perhaps it was the heat, maybe I just wanted a change of pace, or it could have had to do with the colour palette that I wanted to create to showcase this beautiful custom ordered sterling silver Onecklace that I recently received as a review gift from the company.
I get my fair share of emails from jewelry companies eager to partner with Chronically Vintage, however due to my nickel allergy, common in so many of the metals used by said companies, I almost always have to turn them down on the product review front, even if I adore their offerings. Not so, I'm delighted to say, with Onecklace, who offer many customizable monogram, name, initial, love, and mother necklace is sterling silver, 14K gold, 24K gold, and 14K white gold.
I knew instantly that I wanted a sterling silver name necklace, but that instead of opting for my first name, I thought it would be really cool to get the word "vintage" instead. I don vintage clothing all the time, but never before this beautiful necklace had I worn the actual word.
Onecklace was a sincere pleasure to work with. My ordered arrived all the way from Israel quite quickly, was excellently packaged, complete with a branded box and gift bag, and was just as I'd placed it. Though I do wish there was a wee bit more space between the first two letters (they end up looking a bit like a "W" to me), I truly have only the utmost of positive things to say about this necklace, very much including the fact that I can safely wear it without it troubling my sensitive skin.
If I was going to purchase the Sterling Silver Hearts Name Necklace, which is the style I opted for, it would cost $39.95, which I think is very reasonable price for a custom order piece like this. In fact, all of Onecklace's offerings - which have expanded further since I selected my review necklace - are well priced and attractive, plus many of them use timeless fonts that are a cinch to weave into vintage, repro, or vintage inspired ensembles such as the one I'm wearing in this photos.
I very much appreciate this beautiful necklace, which I've been sporting often since it arrived (it's light as a feather and goes with countless outfits), and also that Onecklace kindly provided my readers with a discount coupon code. If you'd like to purchase from Onecklace yourself, please use the coupon code FASHION at checkout to save 10% on all orders.
The glistening, almost bronze hued sun was beginning to set on the recent evening when Tony and I grabbed these quick photos in downtown Penticton (on Front Street to be exact), and as a result, we had to up the ISO quite a bit. I like the subtle grittiness that doing so added to these images, it completes this outfit well, don’t you think? As I was standing there, I suddenly wished I had a vintage newspaper or notebook to hold, as this borrowed from the boys look struck me as something a hard hitting female journalist might have sported back in the day.
I may not wear pants that often, and distinctly menswear inspired looks even less so, but that doesn't mean I don't love both, because I certainly do. Sometimes, as I'm particularly keen on saying, it's great to shake up your usual routine and step, in my case in Heyday trouser swaddled legs, out of your fashion comfort zone - which is precisely what I did here.

July 21, 2014

Enter to win a $50.00 gift certificate from The Best Vintage Clothing

One of the web's biggest draws - its scope and sheer magnitude of offerings - can also, at times, be amongst its greatest shortcomings, too, because it means that sometimes sites that deserve to be household names fail to come across the radar of so many people who would love to get to know them better. Thankfully, due to the very social nature of the web, that can remedied - at least to a degree - by collaborations between two or more sites. Today I'm thrilled to shine the spotlight for a second time on one of the largest and most well stocked vintage clothing sites that you may never have heard of before: The Best Vintage Clothing.

Teaming with, no joke, thousands of different vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoe, handbag, menswear, children's clothing, and assorted collectible offerings, this powerhouse of a yesteryear fashion source has been diligently hard at work filling its shelves with so many offerings, I truly think it would be a challenge for any vintage fan, no matter the era(s) you hold nearest and dearest, not to find at least one - if not a hundred - offerings from The Best Vintage Clothing that you aren't head-over-heels in love with.

Earlier this year I shone the spotlight on Twenty great non-eBay or Etsy vintage sellers, a camp which this vintage clothing behemoth was (and is) a part of, and which I hope, along with last November's previous giveaway post, helped to introduce this awesome site to more of my readers.

If you're just learning about The Best Vintage Clothing or haven't paid them a visit in a while now, you're in luck!!! Their site continues to expand and get better and better - fittingly, one might say given their name - with each passing month. Boasting everything from budget friendly finds well under a $100 (a hugely appealing draw for vintage fashionista's, like me, who always keep a close eye on their purse strings) to high-end designer brands and uxorious fine jewelry, there's something for everyone at The Best Vintage Clothing, including plenty of pieces that fall squarely between the two camps. Plus, they have an engaging blog that focuses on vintage fashion, which is well worth checking out, too.

I could talk about The Best Vintage Clothing's offerings until the cows came home, but seeing really is believing, so it might just be wisest to invite you to pop on over to their vast and wonderful site for a look at the seemingly endless array of great vintage listings their yourself! There you'll discover piece such as the four highlightsed below, and oodles of other great vintage finds that are sure to provide some serious wishlist fodder and shopping spree material alike!

{From top left to bottom right: 1940s nubby orange rayon two-piece skirt and top set, Green fruit salad and blue rhinestone 1950s clip-on earrings, 1940s hand painted wooden novelty hourse brooch, 1950s hot pink and orange cocktail dress and matching hat set}

If you'd like to cross at least one of your newly coveted vintage treasures off your list, you may just be in luck, as I'm pleased as punch to say that The Best Vintage Clothing has very kindly offered one lucky Chronically Vintage reader the chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate which can be used towards the purchase of any item you like for their expansive inventory. Can you say "sweet" or what!!!

How to enter

There are ten possible ways for you to enter this giveaway, the more of them that you do, the greater your odds of winning will be. Please make sure to leave a separate comment specifying each of the ways in which you entered this giveaway, so as to increase your odds of winning.

1. Swing by The Best Vintage Clothing site to check out their terrific offerings, then come back here and tell me about an item that you might like to put the $50.00 gift certificate towards if you win.

2. Post about this giveaway in on your own blog, including a link to The Best Vintage Clothing, as well as one to this post, then leave a comment here with a link to your post.

3. Like The Best Vintage Clothing on Twitter.

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7. Follow The Best Vintage Clothing on Tumblr.

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9. Pin any item you like from The Best Vintage Clothing's site to any Pinterest board of your choosing (limit of one Pinterest entry per person).

10. Sign up for The Best Vintage Clothing's newsletter (scroll down near the bottom of the page to do so). As an added bonus, you'll automatically receive an email with a 20% instant coupon code when you do.

Giveaway details

This giveaway will run from today's date until Monday July 28, 2014 at 11:59 PST, and is open to readers from around the whole world. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator and contacted via email, as well as being announced on Facebook and/or Twitter, shortly thereafter. The winner will receive one $50.00 US gift certificate from The Best Vintage Clothing, which the company will provide them with. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions about this giveaway.

♥ ♥ ♥

Worthy of visiting and shopping from often, The Best Vintage Clothing deserves in my entirely unbiased opinion to be a household name amongst vintage fashion fans the world over (they ship internationally, which is awesome for those like me who are located outside of the US). Few sellers outside of, or even on, Etsy or eBay, have the near department store-like scoop and variety of vintage items for sale that this site does and that alone makes them the kind of resource you'll want to bookmark and visit often.

I sincerely appreciate and want thank The Best Vintage Clothing for teaming up with Chronically Vintage again and for giving one fabulously lucky reader the chance to go on a $50.00 mini shopping spree of their own at what really is one of the best kept secrets on the web!

July 19, 2014

Flickr Favourites: July 19, 2014

{Girls night out (on the moon) ~ ~BostonBill~}

{Pegasus ~ Calsidyrose}

{Moon in Vintage ~ cadeswelkin}

{Untitled ~ KYVLLI ₪ maeva}

 photo 6074553841_1b5b576966_z_zps08d0bc55.jpg

{The moon ~ katinthecupboard}

{Stars visible for every hour in the year ~ penwren}

{I saw an old woman ride up in the sky one night ~ katinthecupboard}

{Old 2 Room School House in Looney at Night - Craig County, VA ~ curtisWarwick}

{A fairy photographed by Jerome in the 1930s ~ lovedaylemon}

{The New Moon illustration by Shirley Kite ~ katinthecupboard}

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please click on its title to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

★ ★ ★ 

Amongst the tall hills that tower like gentle giants around Penticton one will find Apex Mountain, the town's well known and much beloved ski hill. Popular, gorgeous, and inviting as it is the icy cold winter months, it is actually during the opposite half of the year that I adore this wilderness location most of all. The reason has nothing to do with skiing or even snow at all, it is because, when one ventures up its twirling, narrow roads at night during the summer and reaches certain spots, you can pull off the road, get out of your vehicle and suddenly find yourself draped in a majestic blanket of flickering stars.

On a clear night, you can see the stars from elsewhere around town. Thankfully, we're not a polluted or heavily artificial light filled town, so there's little to block out nature's fairy bulbs, but as with most places on earth, the higher you go and the further you venture from civilization, the most sublime the night's sky becomes and the view from Apex is no exception there.

These treks aren't an every day occurrence, in fact, they can be years apart, but when they do happen, I find the experience to have an almost meditative quality to it. Swaddled in long sleeved, comfortable clothing, perhaps a fleece blanket in tow (keep in mind, you up a ski hill after and even in the off-season, it still gets a bit chilly when the sun goes down), and a heavy dousing of bug spray applied before embarking, one parks the car and settles in for the evening.

You don't stay inside though. Not at all. The aim here is to connect with nature. To gaze your irises upon the same stars, the same inky blue-black July sky, same mother-of-pearl moon that countless other fellow human beings, and animals for that matter, have done since the dawn of time.

One does not want to be encased in anything as modern as a vehicle, nor to listen to the radio when there are crickets serenading us, owls hooting in the far distance, and the haunting call of coyotes transmitting woodland secrets to each other across the almost electric air. These jaunts, these midnight rendezvous are about tranquilly, connecting with some far greater than the sum of any one person. A force and a beauty deeper and truer than anything we could ever conjure up here down on our mortal planet.

They outings are one of my favourite things to do in the whole world and it is the memory of each and every one of these summertime stargazing sessions that inspired the images and colour palette in today's edition of Flickr Favourites. Before the summer is over, which thankfully is still a good ways off, I hope to get in another evening spent up Apex, laying on the hood of the car or the tall, wild grass that smells vaguely of flax, and let each of those sublimely beautiful stars carry off another of life’s daily worries, if only for a few brief, enchantingly illuminated hours.