August 25, 2014

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award: Round 2

It's interesting how certain blog awards come and go like the quick, fun flashes in the pan that they are, and yet how others stick around for years, continuing to make their way around the blogosphere, sometimes returning to visit friends they've already said hello to for a second time. That is precisely the case with The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

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I've been seeing this particular accolade pop up on various blogs for a few years now and have already received it before myself (as you may recall from this post last September), however it has very kindly been bestowed on me again (at least) twice in recent months, once Janey of Atomic Redhead and once by Inky from On Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax.

I am sincerely touched that both of these lovely-as-all-get-out ladies wanted to pass this award along to me and am delighted to take this opportunity, as the soon-to-be-autumn-again sunrise begins to break across the taupe and sagebrush hued hills of Penticton, to share another handful of interesting little tidbits of information about myself that you might not know already.

♥ Seven more totally random facts about me ♥

1. Though neither myself nor anyone in my family was aware of the term or that such a classification existed at the time, I now know as an adult that I was unequivocally an Orchid Child (a term borrowed and anglicized from the Swedish term Swedish "orkidebarn: to describe a highly sensitive child).

As an adult, I have continued, as most Orchids do, to be a highly sensitive person (both emotionally and to various stimuli, including sounds, scents, touches, and a great many other elements in my environment). At times, possessing the trait of being so immensely sensitive can have its shortcomings and be a cross of sorts to bear, but I also greatly adore how perceptive, intuitive, creative, conscientious, attuned to other peoples' (and animals') emotions, loving, compassionate, and perpetually caring it helps make me and can scarcely imagine being any other (less sensitive) way than how the universe saw fit to make me.

2. Even though a ridiculously large number of foods are (and have been for many years now) completely off limits for me due to various chronic medical conditions (I would conservatively estimate that I'm unable to eat at least 95% of all foods in your average mainstream supermarket), I absolutely, flat out adore going grocery shopping (and cooking), and always have. When I enter a new grocery store that I've never been to be, even if it's just a branch of a chain I'm already very well acquainted with, I love to leisurely wander each aisle and observe everything that particular shop does, and doesn't, stock to tuck away for future reference. And by the same token, I love having the peace of mind that comes from knowing my fridge, freezer and pantry is well stocked after a big shopping trip.

3. Part of me will always feel like I was meant to be born into a well-to-do British family with old money, an aging Land Rover, and more tweed in their closets than in all of the Harris factory. I've been a devoted anglophile my whole life and genuinely sense that this was a path that I would have walked with aplomb, had I been reared in a rambling country manor home environment (alas, my humble Canadian upbringing with a million miles away from such an aristocratic lifestyle, but that doesn't mean I can't daydream about it from time-to-time all the same).

4. I was a natural, very pale blonde as a child to the extent that you'd think my parents were from one of those gorgeous Nordic countries such as Finland or Norway. While they're not, I do have quite a bit of Germany ancestry in my DNA, which likely helps account for my Goldilocks worthy hair colour as a youngster.

Earlier this year (in this post), I shared a childhood photo of myself and received a few comments and emails from folks were surprised to learn that I wasn't born with red hair. Nope, as much as I truly wish I was, I've been a bottle, and in recent years, wig, redhead on and off ever since I was 16 years old.

By the time I hit puberty, my softly flaxen hued hair had morphed into the dullest, most washed out "dishwater" blonde-brown you'd ever seen and as soon my folks would let me, I began dying it. I've always felt most strongly pulled towards being a redhead, so that's typically the colour you'll find atop my head and the one I've long come to feel most like myself while sporting.

5. I don't idolize famous people. I may look up to, revere, and admire them, as well as consider myself a fan of their work, but I've never been, and will never be, the type who goes "Beatlemania" for any celebrity or person, point blank. At the end of the day, fame or no fame, we're all the same in so many ways and it doesn't seem right to be to put anyone on a pedestal or view them as being akin to a god on earth.

6. In recent years, bar none, the most frequent type of jewelry that I've purchased has been brooches. I love them something fierce and delight in having just the right one to partner with any outfit I may dream up. My collection has really grown in leaps in bounds since 2012 onward in particular and now, between genuine vintage and vintage appropriate pieces, totals more than 100 brooches and counting! I can only guess what that number will be in another five or ten years from now (I'll have to report back as much in 2024).

7. One of of mine and Tony's biggest long term goals is be in a financial position to purchase an RV and use it to travel extensively across North America. Beyond the sheer appeal of this unto itself (we're both massive travel lovers), this mode of transportation (we theorize, I haven't tried traveling in one yet as an adult) will be easier on my health than many others and potentially allow us to get in longer trips to more places then a car alone currently can. I really like to believe this will happen for us down the road (figuratively and literally speaking!), so who knows, one day you might just see us pop up in your town! :)

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♥ ♥ ♥

As its name implies this particular blog award is intended to be passed along to individuals and their blogs who inspire you in some capacity time and time again. As this describes every last one of the blogs I follow (I likely wouldn't be following them in the first place if they didn't!), it's no easy task to whittle my selection of recipients down to just ten.

That is typically one of the instructions/rules for this particular blog award however, so after much deliberation, I'm pleased as much to share The Very Inspiring Blogger Award with the ten following bloggers and their awesome sites.

If your own name isn't listed here, please, by all means, feel free to deem yourself "awarded", too, and play along, as I'm sure your site is delightfully inspiring as well.

1. Abigail from Sweeter Gets the Journey

2. Ashesela from Art Evolve

3. Beate from Bahnwaerterhaeuschen

4. Bex from Submissive Fem

5. Corilynn from Poodles and Pin Curls

6. Heather from Dancing In My PJs

7. Helen Mae from Lovebirds Vintage

8. Kate from Retro Rover

9. Marija from Purple Pinky Honey

10. Philippa from Gloria & Me

♥ ♥ ♥

Should blog awards not exactly be your favourite cup of tea (or if you've already received this one before and have no desire to post a "round two" of your own), fear not, you're under zero obligation to play along. These kinds of posts are intended to be nothing but lighthearted fun, and should they not feel that way to you, by all means bow out of taking part in this one. I adore blog awards, but fully understand that not everyone (by any means) does.

If though, you would like to take part, then all you have to is whip up a post of your own about receiving The Very Inspiring Blogger Award in which you link back to this post, share seven random facts about yourself, and bestow the award on ten folks whose sites you find to be a continual source of inspiration.

It was a blast to put together a second edition post for this particular award, and I want to wholeheartedly thank both Janey and Inky for thinking of, and sharing this award with me.

As I suspect The Very Inspiring Blogger Award will be one that, thanks in no small part to its name and the concept behind it, remains in play for many years more to come still, who knows, there might even be a third edition of here one day!

*PS* Want to know even more random facts about moi? On top my previous Very Inspiring Blogger award post, here are four other similar entries that I've shared here over the years:

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  1. Thanks so much for nominating me! I've done this type of thing a couple of times before so I've probably run out of facts worth reading but I really appreciate the thought.

    I hope you can get your RV soon, and by the way have you seen the movie 'RV' with the wonderful late Robin Williams? Well worth a watch if you get the chance, it's very funny.

    1. You're very welcome, sweet gal, the pleasure is all mine. No worries at all - I've been tapped for some awards upwards of ten times myself, and after two or three rounds, you do usually have to sit them out simply because you can't come up with more facts about yourself again so quickly (need to live a few more years first! :)).

      I have seen that movie and it's such a laugh riot! Tony and I are big comedy film fans and love(d) Robin Williams, so we made a beeline to catch that one when it came out. We even refer back to certain scenes and lines from it sometimes when daydreaming about our future RV. :)

      Thank you for your lovely comment - have a splendid week!
      ♥ Jessica

  2. hooray for random facts! isn't it so much fun to learn otherwise unshared things about bloggers through awards? i'm glad that you do not idolize or fangirl over certain bodies, i also find a deep personal connection with the last one.
    and my goodness, thank you so much for the tag, dear! i was so surprised to so my name there, i thought i was seeing things.
    now i'm off to explore the other blogs you've nominated as well as your other random facts. have a wonderful week!

    1. You know, I think you're really onto something, sweet Abigail, it is more fun to learn random facts about fellow bloggers through these kinds of posts. And, interestingly, I find I often remember them better in the long run than if someone just mentioned one or two in the course of their usual blog posts.

      You're sincerely welcome. If you play again, I wholeheartedly look forward to reading your answers and discovering even more about you.

      Big hugs & the happiest of Monday wishes,
      ♥ Jessica

  3. I always enjoy these types of posts, I find they offer a great candid insight into bloggers, full of snippets that might not have a chance to appear elsewhere in a regular post. Plus it's always enjoyable to get to know people a little better and how they tick!
    I've never heard of an orchid child, but I definitely relate to the points made on the website linked to regarding highly sensitive person. In fact I'm able to tick all of the boxes bar one (as strangely I've always had a penchant for certain violent movies).
    Although I definitely idolise particular celebrities (as you know!) I too have distaste for putting such people on a pedestal. It's dehumanising and unfair on the individual to be held to such high standards and it's the celebrities more human qualities (which would be viewed by some as "mistakes") that makes them relatable to me. I hate the idea that because someone is in the limelight they have to live by other peoples ideals as a "role model".
    And it's too one of my dreams to one day road trip around North America (and I would quite like to do the same around mainland Europe). I love the idea of freedom traveling in something like an RV or caravan gives to forge your own route.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I really enjoyed reading through this post and getting to know a bit more about you! ♥

    1. What a thoughtful, wonderful comment, dear lady, I truly appreciate that time you spent on it and that you shared with me some of the points that we share in common. I have come to suspect over the years that a larger percentage of orchid children/HSPs are to be had in the vintage world than in the mainstream fashion realm. I think that many of us who love and surround ourselves with vintage are extremely sensitive, smart and "in tune" with the past and the present alike, which is part of the reason we're so drawn to wearing things from decades past and enjoying elements of days gone by.

      Thank you again deeply,
      ♥ Jessica

  4. it is shocking! all these facts would look the same on my blog!
    even the hair! i had almost black hair but as a young woman i always wanted red - but you have to bleach very heavy to get red with such dark hair. only once i had the guts. (now i made my peace with the gray.)
    and rainer and me dream of a VW camper to drive criss cross thru the alps........
    will happily accept your nomination - thank you!

    1. We are such kindred spirits, dear Beate, and I love knowing that we have even more than previously discovered in common. A VW bus through the Alps would be such an incredibly cool experience! We'd definitely want to take our (future) camper through the Canadian Alps - aka, the Rocky Mountains - as well, too.

      You're very welcome! Thank you for always inspiring me with your beautiful, creative blog and the great adventures you go and share with us there.

      Huge hugs,
      ♥ Jessica

  5. Love your answers for this award. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite thing to do as well, unless the produce I want doesn't look fresh then I don't know what to cook. Brooches are a favorite of mine as well, I cleaned out my collection in hopes to grow it to only contain favorites:)

  6. There's so much I want to comment on here! Firstly, I'd never heard of the expression 'orchid child', but now I have I firmly believe myself and my middle daughter fall into this category, too. My mum was always telling me not to get upset by other people's problems! I agree though that there is a very positive side to this nature, I always feel I have a lot of love to give :) Next up, I love that you are an Anglophile! You should come here (in a camper van!) and I can show you all the big houses. There is one near us we walk the dogs in the grounds of sometimes, I think you would love it. Also, I have had a camper van in the past. There are certain advantages I agree - having your own timetable (not like a hotel), preparing your own food, minimal housework and always having your own bed to hand. But there are one or two heavier jobs (like changing the water) so bear that in mind. I hope you get to live that dream - I would buy another in a heartbeat, if I had the funds. Oh yes, and thank you for nominating me. I will share some facts with the world, as well!

  7. Once upon a time I lived in an RV and that kind of took away my taste for those kinds of adventures. I think my favorite way to travel is a road trip and a B&B with the husband but those aren't too possible anymore. :P
    With your skin tone you do look very natural as a redhead--most blonde children do seem to grow out of their blondeness--my aunt is a natural golden blond, but besides her I've known very, very few adults who don't get their blonde hair with a little help from the hairdresser.
    And I wouldn't mind trying out being a member of the British gentry for a bit...

    1. I could see living in an RV 24/7 for a long time taking some of the fun/novelty factor/coolness out of it. Like a lot of things involved with traveling, part of the appeal of having (and bopping around in) an RV is the fact that it would be something different to punctuate the daily norm with periodically.

      Thank you very much! I have a maternal aunt who is (pale) blonde naturally in adulthood, just as two of her sons are. Aside from those three, I don't know many folks who are either. It really is quite a rare thing (particularly outside of the Scandinavian countries).

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment - big hugs!
      ♥ Jessica

  8. This is such a great post. I enjoy learning more about you (I too had that horrible dish-water blonde/brown hair until I was aloud to dye it and I've never looked back). It's also nice for you to pass on some blog lovings and share blogs to newbies like me who are always looking for more blogs to follow and have as inspiration. You are a great inspiration.

    Knitting in Pearls

  9. So fun to learn more about you.

    I wasn't surprised about the brooch bit at all. You need to photograph your whole collection together.


  10. Gorgeous post! Congrats to everybody!

  11. I welcome any excuse to learn more about you! And you relay some fun stuff here.

    Combining numbers 3 and 7, maybe you should purchase a RV with a moat. :-)

    I agree with you about celebrity-culture. Just because someone is a second-rate actor or participant on a third-rate reality TV show is no reason for us to treat them like members of a special class of humans.

    1. An RV with a moat, you say? Now that's an idea (and I'm sure, our dog, Annie) can get behind! :D

      I was tapped with another similar blog award not too long ago, so you'll get to learn even more random fun facts about me again in that not-too-distant future (I'm thinking November or December).

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment,
      ♥ Jessica

  12. All of these facts are tremendously interesting. I love learning the random tid bits that normally do not come up in conversation. Some facts, as in I am also German by heritage though not a toe head, and I do like a trip to the grocery store, especially if it is our specialty story, that we have in common.

  13. thanks so much for passing this on to me! I love your blog and find it so very inspiring I will pass this on when I start blogging again in September

    retro rover

  14. I really enjoy reading about you, Jessica! You and I have quite a bit in common. And indeed, I can see why you're drawn to red hair -- it looks utterly natural on you. :)

  15. Ahh, I love the term orchid child! My little brother was one! My Nanna always used to ear brooches and when she passed here onto me, my own collection was created. I love them too.

  16. My sister was a towhead as a child (though I was born with a full head of black hair-must have been the milkman) and as she got older also began dyeing her hair red. With a fair complexion it makes sense, and is so much less upkeep than slapping peroxide on your outgrowth every couple weeks. You look so great as a redhead, it would be hard to imagine you were born anything but.

    I am dying to see your brooch collection (or at least have a post devoted to how you store them). They're easier to wear than necklaces, aren't they? I never really thought about it, but in terms of getting the most for your money, a brooch is going to get worn more than just about anything else.

    I COMPLETELY get the grocery shopping when you can't eat half (most) of it. In some ways, being limited has made me a better cook (I hope).

  17. As a fellow brooch lover I would like to see more of your collection. I rarely wear any other jewellery but have a brooch on every day. I think you can never have too many, they really add to an outfit.

    1. Agreed entirely!!! I could, if I had to for some utterly bizarre reason, give up pretty much all my other jewelry, but parting with my brooches would be incredibly hard. I think that stems from the fact that because I'm allergic to nickel and so often must avoid a lot of jewelry because of it, I've made up for the lack of, for example, vintage necklaces and earrings in my wardrobe, with my plethora of pins, that can be safely worn atop my clothing.

      So far I've preferred to share my collection one (or two) brooches at a time in my outfit posts, but perhaps one day I'll do a post that shows off some or all of the whole kit and caboodle (I've long thought about doing a "how I store my brooches" type post one day and that would certainly share a bunch of them in the process if I did :)).

      Thank you for your lovely comments yesterday, sweet Kate!

      ♥ Jessica

  18. You are indeed beautiful as and orchid, dear. I also love grocery shopping, when on vacation to another country we always visit a foreign supermarket and take time to explore. And of course we always bring some funny things with us home. I also have a huge collection of pins. I think they are such a nice and easy decoration, match or contrast and pin it on. I wear one each day. As a child I was a huge fan of Elvis, funny you showed a photo of him, supposedly because of my parents' record collection. Today I prefer Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Ella, Doris Day, Dean Martin and Sinatra etc. I listen to what the adults listened to in the fifties. But when cleaning I might put some up-tempo Elvis on my turntable. :) I have admired Marilyn from when I was about five or six, not that I wanted to be like her, but I think my adoration of the fifties already began back then. I just admire her for being extremely beautiful. I love these random facts and have read your other post of the like. Now DH has come home, so I check out. Wishing you a lovely day, dear. :)

    1. Grocery shopping in other countries and also at big markets and ethnic grocery stores that our little town lacks is something I enjoy immensely as well. Even though a lot of foods (in general) are off limits to me due to medical reasons, I adore food and cooking so much that just seeing and being in the presence of ingredients from around the globe makes my spirit (and inner chef) happy. Plus, sometimes its in lvery kinds of places where I'll find a new (to me) food that I can actually eat, which always feels like hitting the jackpot!

      Thank you very much for your splendidly nice comments today, lovely Sanne. Hearing from you always brightens my day and makes me feel so grateful for our friendship.

      ♥ Jessica